Digilert 200 Digital Radiation Monitor

December 11, 2013 by thelabwarehouse.com | Filed under Featured Products.

The Digilert 200 Digital Radiation Monitor is now available to buy online from thelabwarehouse.com

Capable of monitoring alpha, beta and gamma and X-rays.  It Can measure in either accumulated counts, counts per minute or mR/hr.  The uncompensated Geiger-Müller tube detector is halogen-quenched. The Digilert 200 has a digital display and audio-visual count bleeper with mute function.

Features include  built-in dual mini jack drives and USB ports to allow for outputs to CMOS-compatible datalogging or warning devices.

The Digilert is supplied with soft carry case, wrist strap,  and Observer USB software. 

For full specifications and to purchase the Digilert 200 online click through to thelabwarehouse.com

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