Elga C114 Replacement Cartridges for Elgastat Deionisers from thelabwarehouse.com

June 11, 2014 by thelabwarehouse.com | Filed under Featured Products.

The Elgastat range of Water Deionisers are a popular product at thelabwarehouse.com.  The provide a simple and effective source of deionised water in the laboratory. In addition to the dioniser units themselves we also stock the replacement cartridges for these units.  Elga C114 Replacement Cartridges are sold in Packs of 4 and are available to order from thelabwarehoue.com, normally for next day delivery.

To Order Elga C114 Cartridges simply for this link where you will find a complete list of our other Elga Water purification products.



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