Hettich Rotofix 46 Oil Test Centrifuges from thelabwarehouse

September 24, 2014 by thelabwarehouse.com | Filed under Featured Products.

Two new additions to our product range this month are the Hettich Rotofix 46 and Rotofix 46H Oil Testing Centrifuges.  Hettich Oil Test Centrifuges are robust, versatile centrifuges developed for use in industrial and petrochemical research laboratories.

Comply with ASTM D91; D96 (obs.); D8932; D1290; D1796; D2273; D2709; D4007; IP75, IP539 (both obs.)

  • Choice of ambient or heated models
  • Speed or rcf display available
  • Rotary lid latch is easy to open
  • 10 programme memory
  • Easy-to-use control panel with membrane keypad and rotary dial setting
  • Non-volatile memory of last run protocol

These models are available to order from thelabwarehouse.com via the links below.

PE805-20 Hettich Rotofix 46 Oil Test Centrifuge – 4600 / uk

PE805-40 Hettich Rotofix 46H Oil Test Centrifuge – 4600-50 / uk


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