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We’ve promoted Nasco Whirl-Pak bags before here at thelabwarehouse because we believe they are a great product.  As with all great solutions they are just so simple.  A few months back #thelabwarehouseman introduced them on our Youtube channel.  If you missed it first time around check it out below, as they say a picture says a thousand words and his video shows you all you need to know about Nasco Whirl-pak bags.


Whirl Pak bags have a variety of uses in you lab and for sampling in the field both for liquids and solids.  They come in range of sizes, some with white panels for easy labelling.

As stockists of Whirl-Pak bags we have a wide range available for next day delivery.  You can order directly online from using the links from this page  Alternatively give our friendly customer services team a call and they’ll help you out finding just the right Whirl-Pak bag for you needs.

Order Nasco Whirl-Pak Bags online from

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