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June 5, 2014 by | Filed under Featured Products.

Today we are featuring an interesting little product from our range, the Personal Micro-Centrifuge. This  fixed speed, personal micro centrifuge is ideal for rapid spin downs from microtube walls and caps and should prove invaluable for those working with HPLC preparations, cell separations and microfiltration tubes.

General specifications of this Micro-Centrifuge are as follows.

  • Choice of interchangeable fixed angle rotors supplied: 2 x (8 x 0.2ml) tube strips, 6300rpm/2200xg rcf maximum or 6 x 0.5 to 1.5ml microtubes (0.5ml with adapters supplied), 6600rpm/2000xg rcf maximum.
  • Minimal bench space required
  • Transparent lid allows easy sample viewing
  • Lid latch microswitch allows operation only when the lid is closed
  • Independent on/off switch allows switch-off without opening lid latch
  • Portable, lightweight, but sturdy housing
  • Soft polymer footpad gives stability and quiet operation

The Personal Micro-Centrifuge is available to order online from


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