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The new range of Techne digital Dry Blocks are now available from

Our range includes three models, the Techne DB100/2,  DB200/3 and DB100/4.  All Models include the following Specifications,

  • Temperature stability < +/-0.1oC at 37oC
  • Faster heat-up rate, from 25oC to 100oC in to 9 minutes dependent on the model
  • Built-in countdown timer from 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes with audible and visual alarms at the end of the timed period
  • Venting panels to the sides reduce the housing temperature and allow safe handling after use
  • Model DB200/3 has a user-sdjustable overtemperature cut-out which can be set below the default overtemperature cut-out point of 210oC. This allows sensitive samples to be protected. A secondary safety thermal fuse is also fitted to all models

These Techne Dry Blocks are available to buyonline from by following the links below.

BK340-36 DB100/2  (Techne DB100/2)
BK340-52 DB200/3  (Techne DB200/3)
BK340-86 DB100/4  (Techne DB100/4)

DRI-BLOCK TECHNE DB100/2  AMB. +5ºC TO 100ºC 230V 50/60HZ AC

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