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The new Techne FSD400D sample concentrator is now available from  Replacing the previous model this sample concentrator incorporates a revised block heater with countdown timer and user-adjustable, over temperature cut-out.

The Techne FSD400D is widely used in the preparation of samples for analytical techniques including drug screening, hormone assay, chromatographic analysis and scintillation counting.

It comprises an adjustable gas reservoir mounted on a block heater which will accept three insert blocks. As the samples are being heated gas is passed via the unique patented gas reservoir through hypodermic needles on the surface of the test solution, so providing the environment for rapid evaporation and sample concentration. The hypodermic needles are set in a silicone rubber matrix enabling their positions to be changed to accommodate different tube configurations. The concentrator can be placed in a fume cupboard when toxic vapours are being evaporated.

With gas reservoir, block heater and instructions. Requires a gas supply and for use on 230V 50Hz single phase supplies. Without insert blocks (three required) or needles.

For full specifications and to order the Techne FSD400D sample concentrator online click here



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