Waring Laboratory Blender Model CB15E from thelabwarehouse

February 21, 2014 by thelabwarehouse.com | Filed under Featured Products.

Waring blenders have an enviable worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, both in the commercial food preparation and laboratory fields.

Thelabwarehouse now introduces their latest, 4 litre capacity, three speed, laboratory model, the CB15E. Building on the strengths of the previous model 240CB, the CB15E now features a splashproof, membrane keypad offering even greater user safety.

It still accommodates a variety of blending jars, allowing samples as small as 12ml to be processed and dry blending of samples up to 500ml, using accessories. Overall, this new blender provides an ideal solution to most general laboratory blending tasks.

Link to the Waring CB15E Laboratory Blender available from thelabwarehouse.com

WARING 4L BLENDER 15800/18000/20800RPM S/S CONT. 230V 50HZ

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