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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of SilClear silicone tube.  Available in a range of sizes and supplied in convenient 10 metre coils this range of medical grade silicone tubing should prove useful in many laboratory and industrial applications.  Precision extruded during manufacture it is optimised to provide strength, tear resistance and clarity throughout a long working life.

SilClear Silicone Tubing complies to the following standards.

  • Complies with Eur. Pharmacopoeia 7.1.9 Hygiene standards; FDA 177.2600; BfR XV Part A: Silicone; 3-A 18-03; (EC) No 1935/2004 Food Contact regulations; Eur. Pharmacopoeia EP 7.0 3.19
  • Operating temperature range: -70 to +170oC
  • Unaffected by UV or ozone

Dimensions given are i.d. x o.d. in mm. Supplied in coils of 10 metres.
i.d. x o.d., mm
TY574-05   06 x 12
TY574-10 7 x 15
TY574-15 8 x 16
TY574-20 9 x 17
TY574-25 10 x 18
TY574-30 14 x 24
TY574-35 16 x 26
TY574-45 19 x 29
TY574-50 19 x 31.8
TY574-60 22 x 34

SilClear Silicone Tubing

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