Tissue-Wax and Tissue-Wax+, Tissue Embedding Wax from thelabwarehouse.com

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Exclusive to thelabwarehouse.com Tissue-Wax is a new range of embedding wax for routine embedding and sectioning applications.  The range includes two variants of wax, Tissue-Wax and Tissue-Wax+.  Both offer a highly purified, filtered, white paraffin wax blended with synthetic polymers while the Tissue-Wax+ includes a small amount of Dimethyl Sulphoxide to enhance tissue penetration, giving a shorter infiltration time. Tissue-Wax+ is also recommended for larger or harder tissue samples as it reduces brittleness of sections enabling more flexible ribbons.

Both Tissue-Wax and Tissue-Wax+ are supplied in pelletised form within 1kg packs.  Order online from thelabwarehouse.com via the links below.

HG385-15  Tissue Wax

HG385-25 Tissue Wax+


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