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The Bibby Scientific Aquatron A4000 water still is just one of the Bibby water stills in our range at

The Aquatron A4000 water still delivers 4 litres/hour single output and is supplied with a Pyrex® borosilicate glass condenser and boiler system.  It includes the following features.

  • Complies with EN61010
  • Operate from virtually any water supply
  • Integral filter and flow control system allows use with low quality or low pressure water supply
  • Accessory filter unit available for handling heavily contaminated supply water
  • Accessory deioniser available to remove inorganics from the water supply
  • Can be linked to most types of deioniser or reverse osmosis units


Aquatron stills incorporate the unique Pyrex® double coil vertical condenser and boiler system. This combined with a silica sheathed heating element provides an exceptionally high quality output ready for immediate use. Raw water carry over is prevented by an extra long baffled tube between the boiler and condenser. Screwthread connectors on the internal glassware enable safe easy connection of flexible tubing. Cleaning of the boiler can be carried out without dismantling the glassware. The still is contained in a robust metal cabinet with tinted plastic front screen and simple illuminated push-button switches. The cabinet roof and front screen are easily removed for access to all glassware and components. Can be wall or bench mounted.

Safety Features

A flow control safety cut-out prevents the still from boiling dry if the water flow is interrupted. It is not dependent on water pressure which means the still can be operated from header tanks or other low pressure sources. The flow control safety cut-out is backed by a resettable thermostat to ensure protection against coolant or water feed failure. A built-in filter which is accessible from outside the cabinet removes particulate matter from the input water before it enters the still. All stills are supplied with a distillate level control system which fits to any collection reservoir. This automatically switches off the still when the reservoir is filled and back on again when the distillate level falls.

For further details on the Aquatron 4000 or to purchase the product on line please click through to here.


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