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The new range of Ohaus Adventurer Electronic balances are now available to order online from thelabwarehouse.com.  This range of advanced, general purpose balances provide inventive features with straightforward operation for laboratory, industrial and educational requirements.

All models feature the follow specifications.

  • Colour touchscreen, graphical display with wide viewing angle showing weight and application information
  • Additional, six fixed-button controls initiate power on/off, print, zeroing and calibration with the tare function opened by keys on either side of the control panel
  • User selectable weighing units: g, mg, msg, mo, N, oz, dwt, Ba, ct, gn, lb, tl, tc, tla, troy oz., custom
  • Application modes include: parts counting, % weighing, check weighing, dynamic weighing, formulation, density, totalisation and display hold (for situations where the display might be momentarily obscured)
  • Full range automatic tare function
  • RS232, USB device and host ports with GLP/GMP compliant data output and cloning feature which allows user and application settings to be saved to a USB flash drive and used to configure another Adventurer® balance
  • 0.1 and 1mg models have a draught shield with two-piece, wide-opening, side doors and sliding top panel for easy access and requiring minimal space on the benchtop
  • Choice of AutoCal™ internal calibration with daily routine or external calibration model
  • Weigh-below hook for density or specific gravity determination

The full list of balances can be found below.

With external calibration
BB576-03 AX124 /E, Analytical  ( Ohaus 30122657 )
BB576-07 AX224 /E, Analytical  (Ohaus 30122612 )
BB576-11 AX223 /E, Precision  ( Ohaus 30127961 )
BB576-15 AX423 /E, Precision  ( Ohaus 30127963 )
BB576-19 AX523 /E, Precision (Ohaus 30122615 )
BB576-23 AX622 /E, Precision (Ohaus 30127965 )
BB576-27 AX1502 /E, Precision (Ohaus 30127967 )
BB576-31 AX2202 /E, Precision (Ohaus 30127969 )
BB576-35 AX4202 /E, Precision (Ohaus 30122617 )

With internal calibration
BB576-51 AX124, Analytical (Ohaus 30122610)
BB576-55 AX224, Analytical (Ohaus 30122611)
BB576-59 AX223, Precision (Ohaus 30127960)
BB576-63 AX423, Precision (Ohaus 30127962)
BB576-67 AX523, Precision (Ohaus 30122614)
BB576-71 AX622, Precision (Ohaus 30127964)
BB576-75 AX1502, Precision (Ohaus 30127966)
BB576-79 AX2202, Precision (Ohaus 30127968)
BB576-83 AX4202, Precision (Ohaus 30122616)

bb576analytical bb576precision_13


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