Xylem SI Analytics Titroline 6000 potentiometric titrators from thelabwarehouse.com

June 18, 2014 by thelabwarehouse.com | Filed under New Products.

The Xylem SI Analytics Titroline 6000 range of potentiometric titrators from thelabwarehouse.com are simple, easy-to-use instruments which are ideal for analyses within food, water, waste water and environmental testing protocols.

Features include high resolution pH/mV electrode and temperature inputs for pH, ISE, redox or photometric titrations, polarisable electrode input for set endpoints, linear (fixed increment) and dynamic equivalence point titration modes and titrations to pH, mV and ?A end-point.

A graphics display, variety of interchangeable dispensing volume modules which have built-in RFID storage of reagent data, 15 programmable user methods and USB and RS232 connectivity interfaces enhance an ideal solution for both routine serial and single titration tasks.

Available to order online from thelabwarehouse.com via the links below.

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